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How Original we are


A few friends of mine were discussing about the taste of ice creams and one of them was very excited about natural flavours. They had tried making ice creams at home, and the results were quite good and that’s how this all began…

A little extra cream for unforgettable richness, blended, churned from the finest simple ingredients and mixed with your choice of fruits, Original Ice Creams proudly serves the best tasting ice creams you have ever had. Get a blended taste of Fruit, Milk and Love with all natural ingredients. The melt-in-your-mouth organic flavors will remind you the days of homemade, hand-churned ice cream. Our ice cream base is made without any gums, thickeners, additives, artificial ingredients or coloring agents, so the true taste comes shining through every creamy fruity bite.

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Team Original

The best in class combination of Tasters, Foodies, Product Developers, Marketing and Supply Chain Experts. Yes we all are young, enthusiast, aggressive and crazy about Ice Creams. We all try to develop and deliver the best in class Ice Creams with mix of natural fruits, milk and love to make your ice cream experience unforgettable.

Omm Dev Sharma

A Business Man and a marketer, he knows how to position the brand in the most competitive market. Omm is deeply involved in all the communication and Original brand strategies.


A Home Maker, a good Chef, planner and a big time foodie, she knows what to make and how and for whom. She keeps developing something new and exciting for the consumers.


A big time foodie, she is the one behind selection of fruits and milk. She also manages supply chain for Original Ice creams across India.

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Business Format

Offer Price till 31st May 2020

We at Original Ice Creams are expanding our business every month, keeping franchise profit and Return on Investment (ROI) in mind. We have 3 Options in our business so that it can easily fit in the pocket of our investors and they can get the best ROI.

Single Franchise

5 Lac/One Time

  • Agreement Validity : 5 Years
  • Total Investment : 10-12 Lac
  • Area : 3 Kms Radius Coverage
  • Product Availability : Ice Creams / Kulfi/Shakes
  • Outlet Area - 100-200 Sqft
  • Franchise Fee: 5 Lac

Master Franchise

25 Lac/Min.

  • Agreement Validity : 5 Years
  • Benefit : 30% Margin On Franchise
  • Area : One City can Cover
  • Product Availability : Complete Product Portfolio
  • Product Margin : 10%
  • Other Margin : 15%

Open Cart

5 Lac/One Time

  • Agreement Validity : 5 Years
  • Product Margin : 40%
  • Extra Exp. : 50,000/-
  • Minimum Cart Agreement : 10
  • Cart Cost : 70,000/-
  • Area : 10 Kms for 10 Carts

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